Product supply for Russian cement plant

Since 2016, we have started to cooperate with the cement plant. In 2016, we supplied the impeller of fan to the cement plant. After testing the quality of CDI product, in April 2017, CDIndustry signed a supply contract with the Russian cement plant for the large kiln tail centrifugal fan of the rotary kiln. After three months of production and strict quality control, the fan was sent out from the factory in early August 2017.After the fan reached the user's site, it has be installed and started running in March 2018. The quality and operation status of the fan has be affirmed and praised by user.Based on the above cooperation basis, the cement plant purchased one forged rotary kiln tyre from CDI in 2018. The External diameter of the forged tyre is 7650 mm, Internal diameter: 6800 mm, the height is 1200mm, which is whole forged part and the production requirements are very strict. This time CITIC Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. was recommended by CDI for the production of kiln tyre which is currently the only one manufacturer in Asia of forged wheels of such large sizes. The technical capabilities of the manufacturer and CDI service once again received customer approval. The forged tyre will be completed in May 2019 and sent to the customer.

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