Philippine Copper Smelt

Sample case : Philippine Copper SmeltCharacter:  COPPER REFINERY PLANT EPC BY CHINA (85% percent equipment from China)Supply China:  Consist of more than 300 Chinese supplierLocation: PhilippineDaily Inquiry: More than 30.Inquiry different product: More than 1200Solution: CDI has its own professional team specialized on outsourcing in metallurgy industry.The End User just needs to formally send all inquiries to CDI for one - stop solution, CDI will make prompt response and provide comprehensive quotation within 24 hours.Considering CDI’s background in china, CDI already has had lots of strategic partners in china.Hence, CDI, at the most of time, can be possibly provided with an favorable price and also be willing to provide the competitive quotation to the End User.Furthermore, if any problem occurs during the usage, CDI will be the only one who takes full responsibility for handling that problem.

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