CDIndustry received the first order from Russian Pulp and Cardboard Mill, a new Russian customer

On October 29, 2019, after more than six months of communication and inquiry quotation processing, the new customer of the Russian Pulp and Cardboard Mill placed the first order to CDINDUSTRY. The purchase products were mechanical seals for centrifugal pumps and axial fans. Two parties communicated in detail on the technology and other service details for products supply. This cooperation not only reflects the strong supply chain capability of CDINDUSTRY, but also lays a solid foundation for CDINDUSTRY to expand its market in Russia.The purchase products as following:Mechanical seal, model KYB / B70W for sealing the rotary shaft of centrifugal pump, 2pcsMechanical seal, model KYB / B40AW for sealing the rotary shaft of centrifugal pump, 2pcsChannel axial fan type G-355AB, 3pcsChannel axial fan type G-315AB, 4pcsChannel axial fan type G-280A, 2pcsChannel axial fan type G-200AB, 2pcsChannel axial fan type G-132AB, 1pcsChannel axial fan type GR-160A, 1pcsChannel axial fan type GR-112AB, 3pcs

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