In the most modern metallurgical factories of world, China occupies a considerable share, more and more mechanical components and equipment have begun to be manufactured in China's factories. China now own a complete supply capacity for metallurgical equipment. As a professional platform for metallurgical industry, through cooperation with well-known domestic and international design contractors, CDI absorbs China's best and most competent factories and suppliers into our supplier system. Through strictly controls the quality of components and equipment, CDI provides one-stop service&solution to customer on purchasing, technology, after-sales services and etc. effectively promotes product quality, Improvement and technology upgrading.
Cement industry is a basic industry related to the national economy and people's livelihood. China has the largest cement productivity and the most complete equipment manufacturing capacity in the world. CDI not only provides equipment, staff and production technology services for cement production users, but also provides customized service. In the right and reasonable time to provide timely and high-quality service, this is CDI can guarantee to customers! No matter where the customer's factory is located, and no matter what kind of communication language the customer uses, CDI service department always has the most suitable candidates on standby at any time to meet the customer's needs.